November 15-17, 2019

Shenzhen, China



Prof. Weihua Dan

Sichuan University/National Engineering Laboratory for Clean Technology of Leather Manufacture;

Institute of Biomass Engineering, Sichuan University.


Research Area:

Biomass Chemistry and Engineering; Leather Chemistry and Engineering.

Research Experience:

In March 1978 I was admitted to the department of polymer materials science ,Chengdu University of Science and Technology, and got my bachelor's degree in January, 1982. Then from February 1982 to August 1987, I worked in No. 3514 factory of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and served as an engineer and technical department deputy section chief. From September 1987 to August 1989, I worked in Wuhan tannery and also served as an engineer and technical division section chief. But then I was transferred to the Biomedical Engineering Center in September, 1989 in Sichuan Province and achieved my master's degree in Chengdu University of Science and Technology  as well in June 1992. After graduation, I stayed at Sichuan University and served as the corporate general manager of Chengdu university of science and technology of Leather Manufacture, factory manager and staff engineer of Sichuan Nnion University (Sichuan University, University of Science and Technology Chengdu) Leather Engineering Experiment Engineering Experimental Plant, and the institutsdirektor and staff engineer of New Leather Technological Research Institute of Sichuan Nnion University. In August, 1995 I attended the training course of University Technology Enterprise China plant manager business management and obtained the diploma in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Finally, from September 1996 to December 1999, I received my Ph.D. in Sichuan University and my major was leather engineering. Since 1999, I serve as a senior engineer, professor and doctoral supervisor in College of Light Industry, Textile and Food Engineering Sichuan University.

For over 37 years, I have presided over 50 national, provincial and latitudinal  scientific research projects, including three national research projects, nine provincial and ministerial research projects, six research projects in Chengdu, six research projects in Wenzhou City and two research projects in Suzhou City, and have made a series of high-level scientific research, including one National Scientific and Technological Progress Award (the second prize, the first person to complete), and two Chinese University Science and Technology Progress Award (one first prize, the first person to complete and one second prize, the third person to complete, respectively), two Chengdu Science and Technology Progress Award (the first and the third person to complete, respectively), one grand prize of Chinese College Students Practical Technological Invention Grand Prix (the first person to complete), one first prize of Hubei New Products (the first person to complete), two Army Outstanding New Product Award, and eight other awards. Moreover, I have published over 480 papers and 8 monographs and textbooks, and been authorized 21 Chinese patents (44 national invention patent applications). Besides, I have cultivated a post-doctoral, four PhD and twenty-two masters. Based on these achievements, I have received a special government allowances (2005), Science leader of Sichuan Province (2006), Expert of Excellence with Outstanding Contribution of Sichuan Province (2003), a gainer for outstanding contribution of doctoral dissertationin in Sichuan Province (2001), and advanced individual of Chinese light industry federation "11th five-year plan" for technological innovation of light industry (2012).2018-2019,two  provincial science and technology awards were awarded.

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